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Northwest Diesel & Automotive Service, automotive & truck repair in Houston TX
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Customer Reviews & Stories for Northwest Diesel & Automotive in Houston, TX

Northwest Diesel & Automotive in Houston, TX

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Customer Reviews & Stories

Brought my LML Duramax in for a 5 inch exhaust and my truck runs and sounds amazing. Very nice/knowledgeable guy and very easy to talk to. Great job!

- (Facebook Review)

I've been coming here for years. Pricing seems reasonable and they have always taken care of my truck. It's hard to find a repair shop to trust but this one seems to be good - Thanks!

- (Google Review)

All of my vehicles have been serviced by Northwest Diesel and Automotive since 1991 when I first moved to Houston. You can depend on getting honest, and dependable work that is guaranteed. Steve will tell you what is wrong and give you options for repairing if they exist along with pricing. I have called him when traveling and needed his advice on a problem I was having and he guided me on what to do, where to go, and what I should expect the repair to cost. I will not allow anyone but Northwest to service my vehicles even when they are new of the dealers floor.

- (BBB Review)

We actually haven't had them service our vehicle yet BUT - I broke down today on 275 and 7 Mile - D Town Towing brought me to NDS&P because he said they were stand up guys and took good care of his truck. They were technically closed but two guys were in the back, let us park the truck in the lot (that would be secure) and let me wait there for almost an hour until my ride came!! I felt safe and they were nice, let me use the restroom and made sure my ride came - - - all the while - they were TECHNICALLY CLOSED!!! I really appreciate this more than you know. Hopefully they can figure out what's wrong with Paul's truck.

- (Facebook Review)

They have done a great job at eliminating issues with our Duramax Diesels. They are spot on with their approach to "everything diesel". I highly recommend them. Chris Nordman / President / Eventfun Rentals

- (Facebook Review)

Great shop to do business with. Made it easy to drop my truck off after hours, did a minor repair, tweaks and tunes and I was back on the road in no time and didn't have to break the bank. Very honest, friendly, make you feel at home kinda people. Thank you!

- (Facebook Review)

They have work both my Dodge one tons my Ford F250 my Ford F-150 my Chevy in my F350 my Jeep never had any issues go to work it's always done good and if there was a problem they always made it right on it. They have done everything from wheel bearings head studs head gasket rear ends DPF cleaning power steering pump on all of those vehicles I've never had an issue and if there ever was an issue they would have it towed back to their shop free of charge if they do the work and you can't beat a 2 year warranty on parts and labor.

- (Yelp Review)

Great service!  They are prompt and do an honest repair for an honest buck.  Not the cheapest out there but they are very reasonable and honest about the repairs.  Unlike planet ford!  Don't take your vehicle to the dealership,  they just rip you off and never really fix your issues.  Nw desiel has corrected all of the issues I had with my f350 in two visits which planet ford didn't do in the 3 yrs I took it there.  I have spent about 15k at planet ford, be desiel actually fixed it and I only spent around 4k.

- (Yelp Review)

Did a lot of work on an old diesel truck that Firestone on Louetta totally screwed up. Would recommend these guys if you want to get it done right and in a timely fashion.

- (Google Review)

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